How does We Buy Gold Gift Cards & Electronics work?

Many people are hesitant at first to with this type of transaction because they are unsure how it works. Buying or purchasing your unique items such as gold or other valuables is really a very easy process.

We Buy Shop Facts

  • We Buy Gold Gift Cards & Electronics buys and sells your unique valuables with honesty, transparency and at a good rate.
  • We Buy Gold Gift Cards & Electronics are licensed by state and local government to make purchases on second hand items. We buy Gold Gift Cards & Electronics is licensed by the City of Glendale, Arizona
  • We Buy Gold Gift Cards & Electronics customer are all types of people. Many of our customers are what could be described as being from a middle or upper-economic background. We are here to help all people get access to cash when they need it!
  • We Buy Gold Gift Cards & Electronics are a great place to buy jewelry. We don’t charge the mark-up that many stores charge. In fact, many jewelers are our regular customers. They buy low from us and mark up their prices to retail. When you come to We buy Gold Gift Cards & Electronics you may find jewelry prices at up to 30% off of retail. This includes name brand electronics, gold and gift card purchases!
  • You must be at least 18 years old to sell all items except gift cards, and you must show a valid state or national photo ID.

Simply bring in your gifts cards, gold or other valuables to our shop at 5008 W. Northern Ave., Suite 3 in Glendale, Arizona 85301

We need to be able to examine the item in person. If it’s gold, we will test it for purity.  If it’s an item such as a flat screen TV, or laptop computer, we will take into consideration things like age, condition and resale value.

After we examine your item, we will determine the market value and price that we will make an offer to pay you for your item as a buy. If you decide to sell, we will pay you cash and you are on your way with cash in hand.

Many of our customers visit our store frequently to view our current ever changing inventory.  We are a reputable company that offers unique items for purchase a significant discount.

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