We buy electronics that are relevant to today’s consumer needs. In order to stay in business we have to be able to sell what we buy. Here are some examples of what we will buy:

Laptops & Computers (Manufactured with Windows 10 or newer )
Computer Accessories
Video Game Consoles (We’ll take it if it works)*
Headphones & Bluetooth Speakers
Wearable Technology
• Smart Watches
• Fitness Bands
Streaming Devices
• Amazon Firestick
• Chromecast
Smart Home Technology
• Nest Camera
• Ring Doorbell
Automotive Electronics
• Car Stereo Receivers
• Speakers
• Amplifiers
• Dash Cameras

These are some examples of the types of electronics we don’t buy:

*Outdated technology
• Computers that were born before windows 8
• Wi-Fi Routers that use older than Wireless AC technology
• Cell Phones
• No Flip Phones
• No CRT TVs or Computer Monitors
• No Rear Projection TVs
**Broken Electronics (with the exception of some computers)
• Tablets with Cracked screens
• Just doesn’t work. (We have to see it work.)
Used Appliances (Anything used to prepare food.)
• Blenders
• Microwaves
• Toasters
• Crockpots
Safety Equipment (We don’t want the liability!!)
Used Earbuds (Yuck!)
We don’t buy printers
**Password Protected Electronic Devices

  *We buy some older game console’s that are in working condition.
**Because we do computer repairs we will consider broken computers on a case by case basis.